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My RSS Feeds

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I want to share my go-to RSS feeds for all things security (and AI) in case it helps anyone looking for something new to follow. My RSS reader is a mix of blogs and newsletters that keep me up to date with the latest in these fast moving topics.

Why RSS?

RSS is a truly personal news feed. No fluff, no endless scrolling. My feed contains only topics and content I’m interested in. For other news categories, like business, politics, or sports, I find less focused news aggregation apps sufficient.

My Favorite Feeds

  1. Unsupervised Learning: Instead of the podcast, I stick to this information-dense feed so I can dive straight into the links that catch my eye. Daniel Miessler does a great job curating this newsletter.

  2. Risky Biz News: This newsletter, perfect for a skimming through with your morning coffee on weekdays, often features several eye-catching headlines. Additionally, the podcast offers a snarky and entertaining listen.

  3. BrownBearSec: This blog is behind a paywall on Medium but well worth the price of admission for some excellent bug bounty inspiration and analysis.

My RSS Reader

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem I highly recommend NetNewswire. It’s open-source, simple, and reliably syncs across devices.

The Full List

I uploaded the OPML file containing all the feeds I follow here and I’ll do my best to update it periodically.